Emergency and Critical Incidence

Business Critical - Emergency Planning and Critical Incidents
Handling a crisis is a normal part of school life. However, unforeseen or unplanned incidents can occur suddenly. These incidents can involve significant personal distress, overwhelm normal responses and procedures, and can place significant demands on individuals and organisational resources.

Specialist Category of Service (SCS)

You will be able to report all incidents and near misses on line, as part of your response to an emergency, and as a record for legislative and insurance purposes or potential legal challenge. We can provide training and ‘scenario planning’ tailored to your specific needs.

Tailored Provision and Training (TPT)

The provision of training will help you develop your own plans, arrangements and management response to the effects of a critical incident and will provide practical guidance for such an event. 

Our training draws upon real life scenarios and experiences, and demonstrates how to manage a serious critical incident.

We can complete a Critical Incident and Emergency Plan to ensure your school has appropriate procedures in place. Alternatively we can provide training and draft templates for you to complete a plan in-house.

A Critical Incident and Emergency Plan can be provided as a stand-alone piece of work or included as part of the Business Critical - Emergency Planning, Critical Incidents and Business Continuity Service.