Plumsun Management Portal (PMP)

The Plumsun Management Portal (PMP) is a unique online tool that gives you control at your fingertips. It is a web-based system, giving you and your colleagues the flexibility to access the site from various locations.
You can manage and audit information and processes, and produce reports for areas of improvement or for inspections by external agencies. You can enter into discussions with other schools and specialists, and invite other schools of your choice to join group discussions as an associate member.

It provides you with:

  • A secure online 'fast-track' system for all educational visit approvals, with authorisation provided electronically following personal review of all relevant information by an educational visits specialist
  • An audit trail of changes to risk assessments, policies and other documents that need to be archived for legislative purposes, potential insurance claims and legal challenge
  • Access to your own secure school ‘intranet area’ of the site, allowing you to populate documentation and policies specific to your school, which can then be made accessible to all school colleagues and governors for online amendment or approval
  • Electronic approvals of various documentation; from teacher to lead coordinator to external specialists
  • Automatic email and text alerts to inform you of documentation waiting for approval or to inform you that policy information has been read and agreed by others
  • Access to a library of policies, risk assessments, recording templates and other documentation which can be adapted to meet your own requirements
  • Access to national and local policy documents, guidance, best practice and updated news items
  • An archiving and retrieval system for historic policies, risk assessments, approval forms and training documentation
  • A reporting tool so that you can collate and report information and procedures e.g. critical incidents and educational visits
  • An auditing tool to ensure relevant people have read and agreed new policies and reports
  • Statistical reports and information right down to an individual level, allowing you to make performance improvements and provide evidence to external agencies
  • A discussion site for the Plumsun community, and an ‘ask the specialist’ electronic communication tool
  • Priority access to dates for school specific training opportunities and courses, conference days and booking facilities, and dates for school visits