School Improvement

Bespoke Consultancy

Our School Improvement Consultant has a track record of success in helping schools achieve outstanding results and has recently been a CEO former Headteacher or in a good / outstanding school. We offer a bespoke approach tailored to each school with high quality support and challenge based on evidence and best practice.

Benefits to schools:
  • Help with school improvement priorities and the support required for the year ahead
  • Support with your school’s self-evaluation cycle
  • INSET/ongoing consultancy and intervention from an experienced School Improvement Consultant for schools that want to Improve or maintain their Ofsted category

Product details
We offer a range of advice and consultancy on leadership and management to develop capability provided by our Primary specialist including coaching and supporting, capacity building and succession planning.

£650 per day or £450 over 5 days for Primary Schools

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Governance for Governors - One Day Workshop

Workshops are available on request for individual schools or groups of schools. A bespoke workshop package can include the following:
  • The effective academy finance governor
  • Preparing for Ofsted
  • Data and RAISEonline
  • Getting to Good
  • From Good to Outstanding
  • Challenge and accountability for governing bodies
  • Effective school self-evaluation
  • Health and safety behaviour - policy and practice
  • Succession planning
  • Use of the Pupil Premium Grant
Certificates are provided

£960 flat rate fee
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Headteacher/CEO Performance Management

Revised for 2020-21: Due to the challenges that school leaders are experiencing during the 2020-21 academic year, the headteacher performance management process may need to be adapted.

Our School Improvement Consultant is aware of these challenges and how to navigate them.  Governors will be guided through the performance management process. The service includes an assessment of pupil progress, a summary of performance and negotiating of new objectives. 

The services provided include:
  • Guiding and advising the governors through the process
  • Producing a summary of performance against current objectives
  • Analysing and interpreting pupil level assessment data (where appropriate)
  • Using assessment tools to check attainment levels, measure progress and identify next steps
  • Drafting negotiated agreed objectives with measurable success criteria
£650 for Primary & Secondary Schools
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Leadership and Management Support

Our School Improvement Consultant has a respected record of success in helping schools to improve and achieve outstanding results. Work in transforming education has gained national recognition.

We can offer an experienced Primary Consultant who has recently worked as both a successful CEO and previously as a Headteacher in good /outstanding school.  As an NLE, she is able to deliver first class advice, support, training and evidence informed challenge.

Our school improvement consultant has proven experience in designing tailored, flexible approaches to meet individual school needs in different contexts and circumstances. This is because all elements of school improvement work is based on best practice and priority is given to relationships, purposes and impact.

Our School Improvement Consultant is up to date with current developments and has expert knowledge about the Ofsted evaluation schedule, accountability arrangements, and crucially, practical understanding about how schools can improve. 

Product details
We provide a wide range of support including help to identify priorities, data evaluation, pre-Ofsted support, leadership development and succession planning. We can also offer bespoke support to strengthen leadership and governance. Our leadership and management support includes:
  • Detailed evaluative feedback to help improve your Ofsted category and overall quality of education
  • Clear identification of issues and the strategies to bring sustainable improvements
  • Effective monitoring, accountability and scrutiny
  • External validation of your self-evaluation
  • Training for key members of staff to improve their effectiveness
£650 per day or £450 per day for over 5 days
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Ofsted Readiness Check - One Day Review

It’s all too easy for things to get out of hand when you get ‘the call’ and Ofsted comes knocking at your door. But there’s no need to panic – our School Improvement Consultant and former HMI inspector can help you put things into perspective.

We can provide a tailored Ofsted readiness check or one day review of school leadership, management and teaching that will enable you to meet the challenges of an inspection before it happens and make sure that your school’s ‘journey to outstanding’ remains on track.

Our flexible service can help you present a compelling overall evaluation of your school’s achievements based on a comprehensive understanding of Ofsted requirements. Alternatively, we can focus on an issue raised in an inspection or aspects identified through your own self-evaluation in order to focus attention on best practice and strategies for improvement. Either way we can get you and your school Ofsted ready and relieve some of the stress that’s associated with an Ofsted inspection.

What's included?
  • Visit lessons, meet with pupils and staff and scrutinise planning and books
  • Meet with senior leaders, subject leaders, classroom staff
  • Provide guidance on how to improve teaching and learning
  • Evaluate the overall quality of education, leadership and management and behaviour, safety and wellbeing of pupils
£1200 - for two advisers
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Review of Governance

Governance Review – using a robust framework designed by us to assess the effectiveness and impact of governance. We provide an objective view, identify potential weaknesses and recommend actions that will further strengthen the capacity of the governing board.  We are able to assist in the production of a governor action and monitoring plan following the review.

Product Details
To support the increasing demand for strong and confident governance, we offer expert and bespoke support to assess, review and help governing boards improve their function and accountability for school improvement, be more skilled, focused and effective with the elements listed below:
  • Be more aware of the freedoms that it has to work in different ways
  • Be clear in its vision for the school or academy and how, together with the school leadership team, it can achieve this
  • Be confident that it has a clear delineation of roles and responsibilities
  • Have the right number of skilled and committed governors to meet the needs of the school or academy
  • Hold school leaders to account for improving outcomes for all pupils, including those who are disadvantaged
  • Be clear about how it ensures that its young people are well prepared to be responsible citizens in Britain
£650 per day or £450 for over 5 days, for Primary and Secondary Schools
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Whole School Audits

Our whole school audits are undertaken with senior and curriculum leaders, reviewing the quality of provision in the following key areas:
  • Whole school vision and ethos
  • Maths/reading cultures
  • Curriculum progress
  • Teaching quality
  • Underachievement
  • Staff expertise

Product details
Working with SLT and school subject leads, information will be gathered and used to evaluate and action plan through:
  • Discussion with SLT, leaders, teachers and pupils
  • Lesson visits and scrutiny of work
  • Review of key documentation

Schools are supported in:
  • Evaluating and reviewing their whole school maths / reading provision
  • Identifying areas to develop in order to ensure a rich maths / reading culture and equality of provision for all children
  • Developing expertise within the leadership of maths / reading
  • Ensuring their provision is in line with the up-to-date OFSTED Inspection Framework
£650 for Primary Schools
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