We provide leadership support and support services in both commercial and public sectors, such as; Business settings, Schools, Nurseries, NHS and Care settings.

We offer:
  • Business transformation and HR consultancy, including financial, HR and risk management (including stress management, counselling services and Educational visits)
  • Development, implementation and operational management of commercial and public sectors
  • Professional advice and guidance on policy, practice and Educational visits across organisations
  • Expertise and implementation of legislation; HR, Health and Safety, Business Continuity, Emergency Planning, data protection, food hygiene and risk management.
  • A large range of specialist training programmes that supports our services
  • An electronic communication, reporting, auditing and storage tool

We are accredited members of professional bodies, so that we are able to fulfil a vast range of service requirements tailored for your organisation.

We have over 25 years experience in Education, Business and Finance Sectors.

We work with over 220 organisations, and have managed over 1,500 staff, across multi-sites, with budgets and projects of over £100 million, producing local and national change strategies, plans and KPIs. We conduct HR investigations, and provide expertise in the area of staff health, such as stress management and counselling services.
Plumsun PMP
The Plumsun Management Portal (PMP)

A unique detailed tool gives you control at your fingertips.
It is a web-based system, so that you and your colleagues can access it from anywhere.

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