Policy, Process, Monitoring and Training

Policy, Learning and Training (PLP)
We provide a complete cyclical journey of your needs; auditing requirements, ensuring compliance, providing learning, enabling efficient processing and delivering, and reviewing to enable further improvements


  • detailing the latest health and safety requirements for educational visits and on-site activities, under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and associated acts and regulations, explaining how this affects schools and governing bodies
  • current legislation related to adventure activities, including an assessment of the companies offering school visits and assistance in meeting compliance with the requirements of the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 2004 and AALS
  • responsibilities and categorisation of on-site activities, higher risk curriculum activities and higher risk visits
  • providing specific policy advice and recommendations for the school and governing body, to enable staff to plan and lead specific visits and on-site school activities
  • access to resources, advice notes, management checklists, template generic risk assessments updated in line with new legislation to enable compliance, and meet best practice
  • guidance of reporting requirements under RIDDOR (The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995)
  • provision of general information and policies to support governors’ compliance with legislation
  • audit of food hygiene and associated policy documents, risk analysis and records for legal compliance


  • training of educational visits co-ordinators and/or school staff on health and safety and risk management (including emergency planning and critical incidents), to be able to lead educational visits and on-site activities
  • teaching children to understand and manage risk
  • ensuring excellent learning outdoors by offering advice on suitability of providers
  • online, telephone, community network and face to face visits to assist with planning, developing and implementing appropriate health, safety and risk management systems, emergency policies, critical incidents, and other related enquiries
  • generic information, advice and guidance on higher risk curriculum activities; sourcing specialists on behalf of schools
  • assisting with the preparation of risk assessments and emergency plans
  • initiating work-based assessments and implementing training to ensure appropriate implementation
  • access to services from CLEAPSS; which provide schools with resources and other services to enable them to deliver the Science, Art and Design and Design and Technology curriculum safely


  • removing unnecessary bureaucracy and burdens, and focus on effective planning of visits
  • provision of the Plumsun Management Portal (PMP) for process and audit requirements
  • a needs based audit and inspection of the school site, providing and an annual improvement action plan for the Governing Body
  • minimising the risk of claims for civil or criminal negligence brought against the employer
  • adopting and following best practice guidance from the Outdoor Education Advisors Panel
  • initial and on-going advice and support for injury and negligence claims, criminal investigations and prosecutions
  • access to the HSE online reporting system for RIDDOR, with reporting on your behalf if required
  • monitoring of food premises, practices and documentation
  • providing an audit trail approval system for the head teacher and governors on the ratification of policies and decisions
  • communicating and consulting with trade unions and professional bodies
  • implementation of policies embedded into the culture of the school (such as health and safety and critical incidents)