Food Hygiene

Food Hygiene - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
Lack of food hygiene can have disastrous consequences, especially for young people. The service we offer is applicable to in-house or out-sourced catering services (including local authority services).

Specialist Category of Service (SCS)

We will provide management support to enhance best value, quality and operational practice. We will work with you or your contractors to ensure you have robust procedures in place for managing food safety.

We can undertake comprehensive audits of food handling practices and general hygiene conditions within your school and also audit contractors to ensure due diligence. All current HACCP documentation and records will be reviewed, and where necessary, make recommendations for improvement.
Alternatively we can offer a bespoke HACCP plan and food safety management system. We undertake audits of compliance with legislative requirements and can assist you to achieve the maximum rating under the Food Standards Agencies national Food Hygiene Rating Scheme. We provide a range of training, including food hygiene.

All food hygiene documentation can be audited, updated and reviewed using the online Plumsun Management Portal (PMP). It will provide an audit trail for historic records. We can liaise with Environmental Health Officers on your behalf, and assist with emergency situations such as freezer breakdowns, pest infestations, loss of utility supplies, and food poisoning outbreaks. 

Tailored Provision and Training (TPT)

We will advise and suggest various specialised training courses as part of our monitoring requirements, which may in-house or externally accredited.